Remove Blocks & Build Your Business

Do you feel your business is not growing, as it should?

Do you feel that there are roadblocks between your business and the success it should enjoy?

Do you need inspiration for your next growth journey?

Remove Blocks & Build Your Business will provide you with the information you need on:

Roadblocks/barriers – identify what’s stopping your business growth

Reality check – get fit for business growth

Internal growth – manage key elements to drive performance

External growth – find the best growth options for you

Navigation tools – keep you on the road to growth

It is a fact that many business owners find themselves at a roadblock when it comes to growing their business.

Addressing common barriers to business growth, Remove Blocks & Build Your Business provides growth options for you from reasonably simple ideas with impact, to very involved business growth concepts – each differing in risk and nature.

Remove Blocks & Build Your Business will challenge you to have a closer look at your business and provide insights and inspiration for you to plan your next growth journey.

Andrew Griffiths

Australia’s #1 Small Business and Entrepreneurial Author

“Many business owners spend their life grappling with their business rather than growing it. Per Lillie combines old school wisdom with modern day thinking to provide advice that can literally be a game changer.”

Robert Gerrish

Founder of Flying Solo – Australia’s largest small business community

“Per Lillie continues to do fine work with those actively seeking growth in their business. Having just read his book ‘Remove Blocks & Build Your Business – a guidebook for your next growth journey’, I can say that while I may not wholeheartedly agree with the notion that struggle is directly proportional to revenue, it’s clearly a book from someone who knows his stuff”

David Ley

Business Consultant and Coach – Camino Business Systems

“There are literally hundreds of books written for small to medium sized business owners – occasionally one comes along that is a stand out. “Remove Blocks & Build Your Business – a guidebook for your next growth journey” by Per Lillie, is a little different because it deals with the key issue of removing all the (road)blocks to growth.

If you want to go from just making ends meet to very profitable, then I recommend you read this book.

It’s easy to read, succinct and its filled with practical ideas – It is one of the best small business books that I have seen – it’s a fantastic business companion, giving you all the essential ingredients to run your business successfully – every SME business owner should read this book.”

Geoff Green

Value Builder, Business Exit Strategist, Speaker and Author – GRG Momentum Pty Ltd

“Every business owner faces roadblocks from time to time as they build their business. In this excellent book, Per Lillie provides easy to follow, practical guidance on how to get unstuck and move your business to the next level. What I particularly like is how he has structured the content of his book.

Per has broken it into 3 very clear, well-structured sections – internal growth, external growth and organising your growth journey. It makes the book very easy to navigate and use.

A highly recommended read“.

Cian Mcloughlin

Sales Kickoff Speaker, Bestselling Author, Win/Loss Expert – CEO Trinity Perspectives

“As a cubicle escapee and business owner for the past 6 years, I felt I’ve got some pretty good experience to call on when facing obstacles in my own business. Then I read Per’s book and realised that one of my biggest obstacles is being too close to the problems I face and needing a new perspective. That’s exactly what Per’s book provided, a new perspective on a whole host of business blockages and some tried and tested strategies to overcome them. A must read for anyone running their own business and needing to get unstuck and refocused!”