Anna Hindley, Director/Architect

“The Fit for Growth programme was a great introduction to the business technique, we need to master to make a successful business. The group coaching concept made it easy to share experiences and learn from best practices.”

James Telford, Director/Physiotherapist

“I found the program great for filling the gaps in my developing business knowledge. I could learn and implement many valuable lessons and strategies on a week-by-week basis without having to wait for completion to gain real value”

Simone Files, Real Estate Agent

“The Fit for Growth programme gets you working ON the business not IN, and it gives you the opportunity to step back and assess and come up with a strategy to implement”.

Geoff Hetherington, Profitability Coach

“This program provides a well thought out building block approach to improving a business – the forms used are thought-provoking but very relevant. Most importantly there is no overwhelm – just good solid useable information”.

Aideen Osborne, Director/Physiotherapist

“Most of us are good at what we do but when it comes to business and improving our business ‘bottom line’ we need outside help and perspective. The Fit for Growth programme provides that help”